Tearful Dad Remembers Daughter, 5, Killed With Her 2 Cousins in Car Wreck: 'She Was My Heart and Soul'

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Days after a Wisconsin woman was acquitted in the car crash deaths of her daughter and two nieces, the father of one of the girls is speaking out about his heartbreak.

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"She's my heart and soul," a tearful Mike Pavek said of his 5-year-old daughter, Clara. "She was beautiful.”

Clara and her two cousins, 11-year-old Lydia Milberg and 5-year-old Laynie Jo Amos, 5, lost their lives in the horrific crash in December 2013.

Pavek is devastated by grief, but also anger, as prosecutors alleged the driver, ex-sister-in-law Kari Milberg, was texting a friend just 19 seconds before a 911 call was made about the crash.

Earlier this week, it took a jury just two hours to find Milberg not guilty of vehicular homicide. Her attorneys had argued that icy road conditions were responsible for the crash.

Some speculated that jurors "felt sorry" for Milberg, a notion that angers Pavek.

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"Kari is not a victim," he told Inside Edition. "The victims are the girls who died."

When asked if he forgives his former sister-in-law, he said, "No... No. Whether she's guilty or not, she has a living hell she’s living in for the rest of her life.”

Mike wears Clara's picture around his neck. Her loss is something he says he'll never get over.

"I miss her calling me ‘Dad.’ That's the thing I miss the most,” he said.

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