Trump Attacks Clinton In Tweet That Shows Star of David on a Pile of Money, Later Takes it Down

In what has become a theme in Trump candidacy, critics are outraged over a tweet Donald Trump recently sent that they say baits white supremacists.

This time, Reuters reports the tweet was a Hillary-bashing graphic that used Clinton's "History Made." slogan from after she became the first woman to clench a major party presidential nomination against itself by adding "Most corrupt candidate ever."

Only, the message was written inside a Star of David and over a pile of money.

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Critics immediately took to Twitter to expres outrage over the use of the symbol of the Jewish faith over a bed of cash.

"This is horrifying. The anti-semitism implied here should not go unrecognized," wrote @shannonwoodward.

Dana Schwartz tweeted: "Hmm! What could Donald Trump possible be evoking with the raining money and Star of David?"

"Note that Trump is using a Star of David to brand Clinton as corrupt. That's not a dog whistle. That's a megaphone," Stirling McLaughlin tweeted.

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This is not the first time Trump has been assailed for tweets that could be seen as appeals to white supremacists. On multiple occassions during his campaign, Trump's account has retweeted posts by users who blatantly espouse white supremacist beliefs or leaders in group's sympathetic to such causes.

Soon after the outrage over the Star of David tweet began Saturday, the post was removed and later replaced with a new image that used a circle rather than the Jewish symbol.

Neither the Clinton or Trump camps had responded to the controversy as of Saturday afternoon.

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