Girl, 12, Clocked at Well Over 100 MPH in Dramatic Chase After Stealing Grandma's Car

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A 12-year-old girl stole her grandmother’s car and took it on a high-speed chase worthy of a movie scene, authorities said.

The girl, accompanied by her terrified 7-year-old sister in their grandmother's car, led cops on 35-mile pursuit that reached speeds of 126 mph, Texas authorities said.

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The pre-teen tore down the busy highway, driving on the shoulder as cops chased her. She also swerved into oncoming traffic, and managed to slide between two cars coming straight at her.

Police were finally able to shut her down by contacting the anti-theft firm OnStar and having technicians reduce the car’s speed into a gradual stop at an intersection.

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The girl was allegedly in a hurry to see her boyfriend. She has been charged with evading arrest and auto theft, police said.

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