One Drink Before the Clink: Escaped Inmate Turns Up at Bar Wearing Prison Clothes, Orders Beer

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A manhunt for a prison escapee — who police say picked the lock of a county jail and fled  ended nearly a week later at a bar, where the suspect ordered a beer and turned himself in.

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Cops say Shaun Higham, 45, broke out of Logan County Jail in Arkansas on June 28 and wound up in a bar six miles away Tuesday night, hungry, thirsty and dirty.

Still in his jail jumpsuit, Higham ordered a beer at Mitch’s Place before he turned himself in.

Bar owner Mitchell Ford told “I recognized him and said ‘Your face is all over the TV. They’re looking for you.’ He said, ‘I know Mitch, would you help me turn myself in?’”

The bar owner said that the convict had turned his prison uniform inside out. Higham told Ford that he was walking through fields and slept in a shed since escaping.

Ford added that Higham said he hadn’t eaten in 8 days.

“I made him a chili dog. I said, ‘I gotta call the cops and you better eat fast,’” Ford recalled.

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Once the sheriff arrived, Ford said: “He stood up they hand cuffed him and brought him back to jail.”

Higham surrendered without incident and it is unclear as to what charges he will face for the escape. He was originally jailed on an aggravated robbery charge.

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