President Obama, John Legend and LeBron James React to Dallas Sniper Killings

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Struck by the worst attack on law enforcement since 9/11, President Obama addressed the nation from Poland Friday morning, condemning the "despicable" Dallas massacre. 

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“I believe I speak for every single American when I say we are horrified over these events, and we stand united with the people and the police department in Dallas,” Obama said in a speech from Warsaw, where he is attending a NATO summit.

The president called the attacks on Dallas police during a protest march “vicious, calculated and despicable attack on law enforcement.”

House Speaker Paul Ryan also spoke out Friday morning from Capitol Hill, saying: “An attack on the people who protect us is an attack on all of us.”

Ryan spoke from the House floor as he rejected the shootings.

“Every member of this body, every Republican and every Democrat, wants to see less gun violence. Every member of this body wants a world in which people feel safe regardless of the color of their skin. And that's not how people are feeling these days," he said.

Following the shootings Thursday night, former Illinois Congressman Joe Walsh blamed the president for the shootings.

In a tweet that has now been deleted, he wrote: “This is now war. Watch Out Obama. Watch out black lives matter punks. Real America is coming after you.”

On Friday, Walsh told The Chicago Tribune that the tweet was removed by Twitter and the company briefly suspended his account.

“They said the tweet might look like it might incite violence," he told The Tribune. “Twitter, Facebook — they're all liberal. They're private companies and they got their standards that I have to follow if I want to be on Twitter. It is what it is."

Walsh was allowed to tweet again if he agreed to delete the controversial post.

When Walsh returned to the social network, he went on a rant chastising Obama.

Reaction to the shootings during a protest in Dallas Thursday came swift from numerous famous faces.

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Singer John Legend tweeted:

Actress Olivia Wilde also took to Twitter to express her thoughts:

NBA champion LeBron James pleaded for peace.

Apple CEO Tim Cook said “justice cannot be gained through violence.”

Daily Show how Trevor Noah, who on his program Thursday night, said: “You shouldn’t have to choose between the police and the citizens that they are sworn to protect,” addressed the Dallas shooting on Twitter shortly after the episode aired.

Following the shootings, three suspects were taken into police custody and one of the suspected snipers was killed.

The alleged gunmen killed five officers and wounded seven others. Two civilians were also hurt.

The protest in Dallas was in response to two black men who were shot by police earlier in the week.

The protests, intended to be peaceful, were carried out through the country in Dallas, New York and Oakland. 

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