Country Singer Sparks Ire Over Traffic Stop Safety Video: 'Just Like Blaming Rape Victims'

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A country singer is taking heat over a video advising motorists on how to conduct themselves with cops during a traffic stop.

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Coffey Anderson, a former contestant on the TV show Nashville Star, posted the advice video on Facebook.

“As the cop is approaching, you have to realize he doesn't know what's coming,” he says in the video. “Do not sit on your wallet — number one, do not sit. You want to have your wallet either in the side of your door, cup holder on the front of your dash.”

It was posted in the wake of last week's fatal shooting of Philando Castile in Minnesota.

Anderson told Inside Edition: “It worked for me.”

It wasn't long before social media exploded with negative reaction.

"This is just like blaming rape victims," one commenter said.

Another asked: "Why are we acting like drivers are the problem?"

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Others are defending Anderson, with comments like "great advice" and "isn't that just common sense?"

“I'm not saying it's the driver's job to avoid being shot, I’m saying be prepared when you get pulled over,” Anderson told Inside Edition.

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