Volunteer Firefighters Rescue Fox Tangled in Soccer Goal Netting in Dramatic Video

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When this fox found itself stuck inside the soccer goal netting in a Pennsylvania park, it relied on the kindness and care of police and volunteer firefighters who came to the rescue.

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Fire administrator Kevin Boherty told InsideEdition.com that a pedestrian noticed the tangled fox across from the New Hope High School and called the police.

"If it were there any longer, it might have never survived," Boherty said, explaining that the fox appeared to be choking on the rope.

Even though he said the fox was hissing when officials arrived, "It looked like it trusted us to help it out and calmed down."

In a video posted to the New Hope Eagle Volunteer Fire Company's Facebook, officials can be seen cutting the net away from the fox after its body became tangled. 

"When you go to release, it might get itself tangled up again if we don't have control," a worried attendant said as the teams worked to free the animal.

In response, another official can then be seen in the video hooping an animal control pole around the fox, to hold it in place as they continue to get the net away.

To keep the animal calm, Boherty said he pet his nose, while another official held down his jaw. 

Suddenly, the fox springs up. 

The rescue team can then be seen leading the animal toward the woods before setting the little guy free.

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"Satisfying rescue of a fox entangled in a soccer net," the fire department wrote on their Facebook page. "Run wild, run free!"

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