After Bullies Steal Boy's Only Pair of Shoes, Deputies Take Him Shopping: 'Pick What You Like'

Deputies in southern Ohio went the extra mile for a boy who had his shoes swiped by bullies.

Two Hamilton County Sheriff’s deputies heard about a youngster who had no shoes after his only pair was stolen. 

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The officers took up a collection, according to the department’s Facebook page, after learning that the boy had been forced to wear his grandmother’s shoes to school, resulting in ridicule and taunts from the other kids.

He skipped school the next day because he was ashamed.

The deputies picked up the boy and took him to a Foot Locker store and told him to “pick out any pair of gym shoes he wanted,” the Facebook post said.  “You can see he’s elated.”

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Sheriff Jim Neil said, “In a time when nationally some want to bash police and portray us all in a negative light, I hope people realize THIS is the face of law enforcement!

"This is just one of countless stories of caring deputies dedicated to going above and beyond for the citizens we serve.”

A phone message left Monday with the department was not immediately returned.

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