Rabid Fans of 'The Bachelorette' Fuming at Bernie Sanders for Cutting Into Their Show

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Bernie Sanders has caused The Bachelorette fan base to erupt in outrage after his DNC speech ran too long.

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The drama began as Sanders’ appearance Monday night ran late, and into The Bachelorette's West Coast timeslot.

As the convention ran into overtime, Bachelorette host Chris Harrison warned fans on Twitter: “I’m guessing the #dnc will hijack up #thebachelorette time in many cities."

And then, like a group of 20-somethings fighting for JoJo Fletcher's affection, Twitter exploded with rage from angry viewers.

“Trying to watch The Bachelorette and all I see is Bernie Sanders. This is what is wrong with America,” wrote one fan.

“Thirty minutes of The Bachelorette wasn’t recorded because of Bernie Sanders I'm so conflicted and upset,” was another reaction.

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“Ughhh f*** you, Bernie Sanders,” was another.

The Bachelorette ran from 8 to-10 p.m. on the East Coast. Fans on the West Coast who set their DVR had a problem — due to the live convention coverage, the reality show started late and the devices stopped recording before the show was over and missed the crucial rose ceremony.

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