90-Year-Old Burlesque Dancer Prepares for Next Performance... and Reveals Her Secret to Staying Young

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The spunky 90-year-old who wowed audiences last month with a sultry burlesque routine on America's Got Talent is preparing to do it all over again Tuesday night.

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Dorothy Williams of Hawaii shocked the crowd with a scandalous strip tease performance so impressive that she was given the go-ahead for another chance to take the stage. 

But show business is no stranger to the nonagenarian and great aunt

Williams said she got her start by dancing for the USO when she was 17, in 1945.

She said her only regret about her youth was that she never became a star.

"When that didn't happen by the time I was 24, I figured already I was too old to become a star," the 90-year-old recalled to InsideEdition.com, "so I quit show business."

She put her dreams aside, and took a job at a supermarket, but performing on stage remained her one true love.

"Even after I retired from show business, I did the navy pier and veteran's hospital as a Hawaiian dancer," Williams said.

From tap dancing, to magic acts, to ventriloquism, Williams said she did anything she could to be on stage.

She even spent 40 years as a professional clown, matching her opening act with the song, "Let Me Entertain You," from 'Gypsy'.

But now, at 90, it seems she's closer than ever to becoming as famous as her idol, actress/dancer Eleanor Powell, proving that you're never too old to be a star.

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"This morning, I went to the supermarket and everybody knew me," she laughed.

Her secret to staying youthful? "Keep your mind and body busy," Williams told InsideEdition.com.

And, her age never stopped her from following her motto. She even said she mowed her own lawn once a week until she was 88.

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