Operation Water Fight: Neighborhood Kids Take to Twitter to Challenge Cops

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This summer's a scorcher but these Illinois cops have found an excellent way to beat the heat while doing some good in the community.

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The Dixon Police Department took to Twitter last week to respond to neighborhood kids who were armed and prepared to challenge them to a friendly water fight. 

"The kids' reactions to us today were priceless," the Dixon Police Department tweeted after the event.

To challenge a cop, the police department encouraged parents send a Tweet to @DixonPolice, with an address for the duel to take place, and a picture of the kids looking for a face-off.

Cops respond to the cry to battle with an emoji of a patrol car, followed by an emoji of a siren.

Then, "patrol officers showed up at their doorsteps to have some wet and crazy fun," the Dixon Police Department wrote on their Facebook.

Partway through the event, they even tweeted for back up.

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"We couldn't have had a better time bonding with our community and this was a great success," the Dixon Police Department wrote on their Facebook.

'Operation Water Gun,' as it was later known, was such a rousing success that the Dixon Police Department announced the community can look forward to similar events in the future.

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