Little Penguin Chick Becomes First of Its Species to Be Hatched in Zoo's 120-Year History

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This little guy is the first in its species to be hatched at the Bronx Zoo in its 120-year history.

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Named aptly for their size, the species is known as the little penguin, fairy penguin, or blue penguin.

They grow up to just a foot tall, weighing a maximum of two or three pounds.

But the newborn penguin has already grown significantly. When zoo officials weighed the chick after it hatched two months ago, it weighed only 44.5 grams.

Now, the penguin has already lost its downy plumage that's characteristic of newborn chicks, according to a statement from the zoo.

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Instead, it has taken up a coat of waterproof feathers that allow it to take a dip in the pool with its siblings, who were flown to New York after being hatched at the Taronga Zoo in Australia.

The Sydney zoo typically hatches about 15 little penguin babies a year, and has sent a colony to the Bronx Zoo as a part of its breeding program.

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