House of Horrors: Home That's Overrun With Weeds and Trash Is Huge Concern Amid Zika Fears

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A New York home can barely be seen behind overgrown trees, tall grass and garbage — angering neighbors who are furious with its condition.

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The house in Staten Island is a prime breeding ground for mosquitos and flies, a major concern as anxiety grows over the Zika virus.

Other houses nearby are well-manicured and immaculate, and neighbors have a lot to say about the homeowner, who's regarded in the neighborhood as "not nice."

"It’s horrible,” said one neighbor.

Louis Bonomo, 64, who owns the house, would not respond to Inside Edition’s request for comment.

Bonomo has reportedly been fined for the house's condition in the past, but neighbors say he simply pays the fine and then piles on more garbage.

The Department of Sanitation told CBS New York that agents clean what they are allowed to, such as debris and garbage that spills onto public streets.

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City Councilman Steve Matteo has told CBS New York that he has offered to clean the mess but he says he has been turned down.

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