I'll Just Take an Ubear! Animal Spotted Perched on Top of Garbage Truck, Cruising Neighborhood

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How em-bear-assing!

A New Mexico garbage truck was making its rounds in a Los Alamos neighborhood when suddenly, a resident noticed a bear, perched atop the moving garbage truck.

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La Cueva Volunteer Firefighter Caleb Johnson said he was out washing the engine when he noticed the animal, and snapped pictures of the grizzly scene.

He told InsideEdition.com he had no idea how the bear got up there.

"That one time we were out washing the engine and a bear jumped out of a garbage truck," he wrote on Facebook as he shared the images. "Good time."

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After the garbage truck driver noticed the stray bear, he pulled over by a tree, where Yogi fondly climbed off.

According to Johnson, "He took off into the canyon across the street after everyone cleared out."

Johnson said he kept his distance throughout.

"I often see bears out in the field," he told IE. "It's just typical wildlife and like any other wildlife should be left alone."

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