How This Armed Robbery Suspect Got His Neo-Nazi Facial Tattoos Removed for Trial

To help Bayzle Morgan get a fair trial, a Las Vegas judge ordered his Nazi tattoos to be covered up — by a taxpayer-funded makeup artist — while he is tried for armed robbery. 

The 24-year-old’s face, neck and head are covered with tattoos, including one depicting  a swastika inside a clover and another spelling “Baby Nazi.”

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“The goal is make sure we can get a jury to at least give him a fair trial,” defense attorney Dan Bunin told the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Morgan is accused of stealing a motorcycle at gunpoint. After the trial concludes, he faces a second case where he is charged with murder in the shooting death of a 75-year-old woman.

It takes two hours for a make-up artist to cover all of Morgan’s markings. The charge to taxpayers is $1,200 per session.

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Celebrity makeup artist Andrew Velazquez showed Inside Edition how covering the ink with orange negates the blue, and then cover-up in the subject's skin tone removes all traces of the tattoo. 

The trial judge declared the tattoos had to be covered after potential jurors said they would not be able to objectively weigh evidence because of the hateful tattoos on Morgan’s face, head and throat.

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