Aloha! Helicopter Camera Catches Smiley Face in Hawaii Lava Lake

Hawaii's most active volcano has been erupting continuously since 1983 but it has now become a full-fledged internet star.

As lava oozed from Kilauea's Pu'u O'o crater last week, a helicopter tour company was flying overhead to capture the magnificent sight.

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And just as they peaked down at its lava lake, Kilauea looked back and gave a big smile.

"We visited the vent and found a beautiful lava lake within to the west, and a great deal of lava moving quickly through a skylight on the northeast corner," Mick Kalber with Paradise Helicopters posted to Facebook.

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It was inside that lake where they saw the cartoonish smile.

For 33 years, Kilauea's lava has burned a gradual path to the Pacific. However, this past weekend marked the first time its molten rock has reached the ocean since 2013.

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