Kentucky Forked Chicken: Donald Trump Mocked for Eating KFC With Utensils

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Donald Trump eats fried chicken with a knife and fork and he's being ridiculed for it.

The Republican presidential nominee tweeted a photo of himself, silverware in hand, beside a bucket of KFC Monday while aboard his personal jumbo jet.

The response on Twitter was harsh and swift.

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"No plastic knife & fork available on the plane to enjoy that bucket of dainty KFC? Or is that the Trump RV?" wrote @jfreewright.

@MichaelSkolnick questioned Trump's fitness for the Oval Office after seeing the photo. "Dude, are you using a fork and knife to eat KFC? Unqualified..."

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And another Twitter user feared how the KFC debacle might snowball. "If Trump is down in the polls a month from now he's gonna buy a national TV spot where he eats a KFC Famous Bowl with his hand."

These are just a few of the thousands of critical responses to Trump's preferred chicken-eating method, an onslaught that is not quite new to the billionaire.

Trump faced a similar backlash in 2011 when he appeared in photos eating pizza with Sarah Palin in Times Square, both of them with plastic knives and forks in hand.

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