Float Featuring Hillary Clinton in Prison Jumpsuit, Locked Inside a Cage Sparks Controversy

A parade float featuring a dummy that resembled Hillary Clinton is sparking the latest controversy around the presidential candidate. 

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During a parade in Arcadia, Iowa, a float was pulled down the street Saturday showing Clinton in a prison jumpsuit as children threw water balloons at the dummy inside a cage. It also featured a slogan that read: "Hillary For Prison 2016." 

The photos were taken by Matthew Rezab of The Carroll Daily Times Herald. The parade was to celebrate the local fire department’s 100th anniversary.

Kyle Julin drove the ATV that pulled the float down the street.

He told Inside Edition: “We believe Hillary should be in prison for the things she has done.”

But others are outraged by the Clinton float.

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Bob Krause, a retired colonel, U.S. Army Reserve told Inside Edition: “I don't think it was a good public example for children.”

In a statement, County Democrats Chairman Tim Tracy called the display “sad.”

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