College Choir Gives Incredible Performance on Plane After Flight Attendant Asks Them to Sing

Playing Choir Sings Beautiful Hymn For Plane Passengers After Flight Attendant Asks

Now this is some classy in-flight entertainment.

A group of students from Lee University Campus Choir, based in Cleveland, Tennessee, were aboard a Delta flight when they broke out into a beautiful rendition of the hymn "I Love You, Lord."

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Footage taken aboard the plane shows the 55 students captivating other passengers while their conductor instructs them from the middle of a row of seats.

"Everybody was clapping," Johnna Phillips, co-director of the choir, told Thursday. "They loved it."

The group was flying from Atlanta to Tortola in the British Virgin Islands as part of a ministry trip, and they were wearing matching t-shirts at the time, Phillips said.

One of the flight attendants noticed the shirts and asked if they could sing. The choir didn't even flinch. 

They'll sing "in a McDonald's," Phillips said. "We’ll sing anywhere that they like us to sing."

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But the performance wasn't the only impressive part of the trip. While the students were in Tortola, they worked with a church, a bible school and daycare and carried out numerous service projects.

"We did cleanup work for their elementary school," Phillips said. "We cleaned out their landscaping beds. We did a lot of weeding and we painted."

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