Blind Pooch Explores the World With Help of Pomeranian Guide Dog Friend

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This poor pooch may not be able to see, but thanks to the help of his best friend and guide, he continues to explore the world, one step at a time. 

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Hoshi, an American Eskimo dog, was scheduled for an eye operation just six months after the family adopted Zen, a tiny Pomeranian.

After it was found that Hoshi was suffering from a painful eye infection, veterinarians made the decision to remove the canine's eyes.

And with Hoshi unable to see, his new companion naturally assumed the role as his guide dog.

"They are our constant reminders that life is about giving without expecting anything in return," their owner, Pauline, told "Hoshi trusts Zen and Zen protects Hoshi. They have faith in each other."

With the help of Zen, Pauline said Hoshi can take on any hurdle, and climb any mountain — literally.

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According to Pauline, The Fluffy Duo, as they are known on Instagram, love exploring the Pacific Northwest, including hiking, camping, swimming, canoeing and even climbing to the summits of mountains.

"They may be two senior dogs, but they are truly puppies at heart," Pauline said.

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