Puppy Provides Comfort to Cheetah Cub Best Friend During Recovery From Pneumonia

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Everyone needs a friend to lean on, including this cheetah cub who found comfort in his puppy BFF as he recovered from pneumonia.

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Emmett the 10-week-old cheetah cub was born at a conservation center in Cumberland, Ohio, but contracted pneumonia not long after his birth.

He was hand-reared for the first several weeks of his life, and had a hard time adjusting when he was finally transferred to the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium.

Thankfully, the baby cheetah became fast friends with a 7-week-old puppy, Cullen.

"Cullen will help Emmett to be more confident and calm as cheetahs are naturally skittish animals," the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium wrote on their Facebook.

According to the zoo, the inseparable pair are even going to travel together — Emmett as the ambassador for cheetahs in the wild, and Cullen as his companion dog.

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Emmett and Cullen are just two of the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium's many animals that are named after characters from the Twilight book and films series.

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