Here Comes the Boom: Earthquake Causes Mother to Give Birth

During Saturday’s historic earthquake in Oklahoma, the shaking of the ground caused one pregnant woman’s water to break and forced her into labor.

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Tulsa native Tara Ring started to have contractions at 5 a.m., right in the middle of the earthquake, and eventually her water broke.

Her husband, Josh, drove her to the hospital where she delivered their 6-pound, 4-ounce bundle of joy, Ainsly Grace, into the world.

Josh told Oklahoma station KOTV: “Having the earthquake be there, but not only that but being the biggest that ever been recorded in Oklahoma — to have that to say, 'Hey you came into this earth because of an earthquake,' is defiantly a cool story that will last for her whole life."

He added: “All the nurses were saying the earthquake caused the water to break, but I was saying the opposite. I was like, ‘the water breaking caused the earth to shake 'cause my little daughter was coming into the world.’”

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The mother and daughter are doing just fine. The couple also has a young son.

The 5.6-magnitude earthquake is the largest ever to rock the state.

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