Man Shocked as Wife's Daughter Presents Him With Adoption Papers: 'Am I Adopting You?'

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Dads are never easy to shop for, but this Florida man got exactly what he wanted when his wife's daughter presented him with adoption papers on his 53th birthday.

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Gabby Lynde of Port Richey told she's wanted to be adopted by her mom's husband, David Lynde, since she was 10 years old, but the family always ran into roadblocks because it would require her biological father's consent.

After she turned 18, Gabby said she started looking into adult adoption, which would not require her birth father's permission under Florida law.

When she got the papers ready by David's 53rd birthday, she knew it would be the perfect surprise for him.

Last Sunday, Gabby, now 22, and her boyfriend went to her parents' house for dinner as usual, and she then took the chance to present David with a gift bag.

In a video shot by her mom, Lori Ann Lynde, David can be heard yelling sarcastically, "I got a pen," but falls quiet as he reads the stack of papers that are also inside.

"Am I adopting you?" he finally says in the video after a long pause.

Finally, he wraps Gabby into a hug.

Through tears, he promised he'd sign, "as soon as I can see," he joked.

Despite the emotional display, Gabby told that in the 14 years she's known him, David has always been her father.

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"We do things that a father and daughter would do, which is awesome because I thought I wasn't going to get that," Gabby said.

She explained that David has always been there for her, whether it be prom, or nursing school, or a weekend fishing trip.

Gabby has even been going by David's last name, Lynde.

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