Firefighter Responds to Call for Help, Instead Finds Boyfriend's Proposal

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A firefighter must be prepared for any situation, but when this U.K. firefighter responded to an "emergency call," the last thing she expected to find was her boyfriend down on one knee and ready to propose.

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Firefighter Jodi Vincent, 35, received a call of a "man with a ring stuck on his finger," in Birmingham earlier this week.

But, the only man Vincent saw when she and her team arrived on the scene was her longtime boyfriend, Mark Edwards, who knelt down in the middle of the square with a ring in his hand, the West Midlands Fire Service wrote on their Facebook Wednesday.

"It was a complete surprise to see Mark standing there waiting for me," she later told the fire department, according to their Facebook. "I thought it was unusual to be sent out to this but you never know what you can get called out to as a firefighter…"

Courtesy of James Fear Photography

Photo courtesy of James Fear Photography

Despite the unconventional call, Vincent said, "I was delighted and said yes! I couldn’t be happier!"

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Vincent said she didn't expect a proposal that day, but her colleagues and friends had been in on the surprise the entire time.

Courtesy of James Fear Photography

Photo courtesy of James Fear Photography

Vincent even joked, "They managed to keep it a complete secret – they all owe me a drink at the wedding!"

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