Meet Troop Cat Ed, Police Department's Latest Recruit Often Caught Snoozing on the Job

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Elite police departments are dedicated to recruiting the best of the best, but this department's newest member is breaking the mold for his lazy habits and often sleeping on the job.

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Meet Troop Cat Ed, the 2-year-old tabby brought on the New South Wales Police Force in Australia.

The purple jacket-wearing kitten spends his days patrolling the stables on high alert for pests in support of the police department's mounted unit, but Ed appears to be most frequently photographed in the middle of a cat nap, or checking out a bird on the window sill when he's supposed to be on duty.

The troop cat was recently under fire after a video surfaced of him sleeping on the job, while rats freely roamed the stables nearby.

In a video posted to the Mounted Unit - NSW Police Force Facebook page, Ed can be seen snoozing away on the seat of a tractor as rats scour a hay bale right next to him.

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But whether he's working hard or hardly working, one thing's for sure: This sneaky feline is an irreplaceable addition to the department. Just ask the horses.

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