British Woman Calls Local Cops, but Reaches Town of Same Name in Massachusetts

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Reporting a car accident became infinitely more complicated for this British woman, who inadvertently called the police department in a town with nearly the same name across the pond.

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"Luckily it was nothing life threatening," Officer Mark McWilliams, who answered the call from the Barnstable Police Department in Massachusetts, told

McWilliams said he was in touch with the woman days later, and discovered Siri on her iPhone misunderstood her when she was trying to contact Barnstaple Police Department in England. Nevertheless, the Barnstable Police Department in Massachusetts had a good laugh before releasing the audio from the call to Twitter.

In audio from a phone call released by the Barnstable Police Department in Massachusetts, a woman sounded frantic when she was attempting to report a car accident.

She explained that the incident occurred between Muddiford and Ilfracombe, towns that neighbor Barnstaple in southwestern England.

McWilliams, the dispatcher responding more than 3,000 miles away, answered in a heavy American accent.

"Wait, where did this happen?" McWilliams said, confused about the names of the towns and road she was providing to him.

He later told, "I thought it was a joke. Is this one of my co-workers? Is somebody messing with me?"

Partway through the call, McWilliams even clarified, "You've called the Barnstable Police Department."

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Finally, more than two and a half minutes later, the woman on the line bursts into laughter.

"Massachusetts?" she exclaimed in laughter. "[I'm calling from] England."

But, the American police department was willing to lend a hand anyway.

McWilliams even responded: "Our response time is going to be about six hours."

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