Daughter, 3, Promises to Keep Seat Belt on After Mom Reports Her to Cops

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This little lawbreaker is guaranteed to stay on the straight and narrow after her worried mother called the cops to lecture her on why seatbelt safety is so important.

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3-year-old Camille Fortin of Scottsdale, Arizona, was in her booster seat as her mom was driving when suddenly, she popped off her seatbelt.

"All of a sudden, her brother, who was sitting next to her yells, 'Mommy, mommy, she unbuckled her seatbelt," her mom Michelle Fortin said, according to KPHO.

Fortin immediately pulled over to buckle her back in, but she then came up with an idea to assure her young toddler wouldn't break free again.

"This was something that would hurt her," she said. "Her safety was at risk, so I took it for what it was — a teachable moment.

"I got home, and called the police, and turned her in," Fortin said.

The Scottsdale Police Department responded to the family's call like any other incident and sent an officer to handle the situation.

"We don't know what other drivers will do," an officer lectured when he arrived on the scene. "Other drivers might not pay attention and run into the back of your mom or side of the car, and if you were not buckled, your body is going to hit something."

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Even though Fortin said some might think reporting her own daughter to was "an extreme choice," the tough love clearly worked on little Camille.

"I promise I'll keep my seatbelt on," she said.

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