My Sister's Keeper: Blind Dog's Sisters Take Her Out on Walks

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Margaux’s life could have ended when her owners found out she was going blind and deaf, but they decided to give the 12-year-old poodle another chance, with a little help from family.

Three years ago, Margaux was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, diffuse pyogranulomatous inflammation, which started attacking her body — starting with her paw. When that cleared up, it began affecting her eye and her veterinarian recommended it be removed. The other eye followed. 

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It was then that her owner Scott Jordan and his wife, Laura, felt they may need to visit the discussion of putting Margaux down.

“I was thinking there would be no way life could be worth living,” said Jordan.

But after some thought, the couple decided to give Margaux a chance.

“We realized [Margaux] still liked to eat. Her legs still work so we decided to start taking her on hikes,” Jordan said.

It was on those hikes that Margaux’s siblings — Chloe, Suzie, and Rhonda, — began taking turns walking her by her leash on their long walks.

“She seems to feel much more comfortable being led by her sisters than by us,” said Jordan.  “They are doing amazing with her. They know they are working when they are walking her.”

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Jordan said he’s glad he made the decision to keep Margaux alive and her smile has been kept alive too, in spite of her struggles.

“The personal joy I am getting from taking care of her is amazing. I don’t think it’s a burden,” said Jordan. “She didn’t lose her smile.”

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