Deer Jumps Into Driver's Seat of Woman's Car as She's Still in It: 'It Was Mad or Frantic'

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This deer appears to be pretty fawn'd of driving.

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Police dashcam video shows a deer jumping into the driver's seat of a car in New Jersey in what looks like an attempt to take the wheel. 

Ellen Sager, of Howell Township, said she stopped after seeing a deer lying on the side of the highway.

"I don't know if a car hit it," Sager told "I pulled over to see if it was okay."

She opened the door and out of nowhere, the deer suddenly got up and leapt into the car over her.

"Sager was still in the driver's seat with the door open as the deer attempts to climb over her and into the vehicle," a press release from the Howell Township Police Department reported.

"It was mad, or frantic," said the 43-year-old woman. "It wasn't looking for help."

Thinking quickly, Sager held her foot against his chest, in an attempt to keep the wild animal out of her vehicle, and save her own life.

The deer soon fell out of the car and to its side, and Sager promptly shut the door.

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"It [appeared] to be a scene from a cheap comedy," the press release reported.

The driver's knee was hurt as a result of the scuffle, and her car was also dented where the deer hit it.

However, the deer succumbed to its injuries soon after.

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