Babysitter Charged in Death of Infant She Allegedly Shook in Effort to Keep Him Quiet

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A Florida woman has been charged in the death of an infant she allegedly violently shook while she tried to stop him from crying, authorities said.

Jessica Amster, 26, allegedly swung and shook 5-month-old Christian Bent while she babysat him and several children in August 2015, according to an arrest report viewed by CBS12.

Amster, who regularly watched Christian and his 2-year-old sister and was called “Auntie Jessica,” hit the boy’s head into a wall “really hard,” the arrest report said.

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Amster called Christian’s father, Dwayne Bent, after the incident but allegedly did not explain the full extent of his son’s injuries.

When Christian’s parents came to pick up their children, they found the baby in his car seat, his face dropping and his eyes unaligned, CBS12 wrote.  

The baby was raced to Bethesda Memorial hospital, where he was treated for a fractured skull, broken leg and broken arm, authorities said.

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But the infant could not be saved, and after five days in the hospital, he was removed from life support.

Amster was already incarcerated on unrelated felony drug charges when she was hit with an aggravated manslaughter of a child charge.

Though her bail was set at $50,000, she cannot be released because her bond from her felony drug case was revoked. She was also ordered to have no contact with the Bent family.

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