Meow Do I Get Down? Cat Rescued After It's Stuck on 12th Floor Ledge of Building

Playing Watch How This Cat Was Rescued from Ledge of 12-Story Building

Don't look down! 

This poor feline somehow got itself stuck on the ledge of a building in Singapore, 12 stories up from the ground. 

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To rescue the cat, volunteers from SPCA Singapore got into the apartment unit it was closest to, and reached out the window with an animal catch pole.

Police officers watched the harrowing scene from the ground floor, where they held out an open blanket in case the cat fell.

After several minutes of attempting to get the kitten on the line, as shown in a video by the SPCA Singapore, the volunteer was able to latch the line around its neck and pull the kitten back through the window to safety.

According to a post on Facebook, volunteers then warned the cat's owners to add screens to the window to prevent it from wandering out again.

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"Cats and kittens are curious animals, and they risk falling out of an open window by simple acts sch as chasing a bird that was flying past," the organization wrote.

Thankfully, no cats were harmed in the making of this video.

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