A Cop-ella: Police Officers Perform Impromptu Jam Session in Elevator

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A police department in New Zealand is determined to prove that underneath their uniforms, there's a performer just waiting to emerge.

The New Zealand Police Department posted a one-and-a-half-minute-long video to Facebook showing off their talents as employees rock out in a full-blown jam session that looked like something right out of Stomp.

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Starting with two officers entering the elevator, one claps his hands and stamps his feet to get the song going. His co-worker joins in by pounding on the wall.

The duo plays a beat and when the elevator reaches the next floor, the doors open and three more cops step inside.

It's not long before the new passengers chime in by snapping their fingers, tapping on objects and scraping divots on the wall.

A few seconds later, the doors open again. This time, two more serious-looking policemen enter. Unable to resist, the new additions tap on metal and play with a zipper, rounding out the jam session.

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When the elevator reaches its final destination, the impromptu band exits as if nothing had happened.

Not long ago, the same department released a video displaying the team’s dance moves as part of the trendy “Running Man Challenge.”

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