Bald Eagle That Forced Traffic Shutdown After He Was Hit by Car to Make Full Recovery

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This bird of prey would have become roadkill had cops and animal rescue officials not intervened.

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A proud bald eagle was discovered perched in the middle of Florida traffic Wednesday morning injured and unable to fly away.

"It appeared that it was hit by a car while trying to feed off a dead animal," the Clearwater Police Department, who responded to the scene, wrote on Facebook.

To ensure the U.S. national bird's safety, cops shut down two lanes of traffic as rescue volunteers from the Owl's Nest Sanctuary for Wildlife took the bird away.

Veterinarians then confirmed it had a chipped ulna bone on its right wing before they rushed the bald eagle into surgery, where they were able to fix the injury.

"The prognosis, according to the veterinarians, is very good for this bald eagle," Owl's Nest Sanctuary for Wildlife wrote in a statement.

When the bald eagle recovers, both cops and the rescue said the bird will be released back to the wild, near where it was first discovered.

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The Owl's Nest Sanctuary for Wildlife is now selling portraits of the noble rescue bird to raise money for its rehabilitation, along with that of the other animals they rescue.

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