Be Our Guest! Single Mom Breastfeeds Baby at Disneyland as Princesses Line Up for Photos

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A hungry baby doesn't stop for anything — even if a Disney princess was asking for her photo while breastfeeding.

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Mari Villaluna, a single mother from San Francisco, said she was looking forward to taking her baby to Disneyland when her sister came to visit last April.

They sat down at a restaurant when suddenly, little Ami Chinni, who was only 2 month old at the time, began crying.

"When I say crying, I mean it sounds like screaming," Villaluna joked.

She then began to nurse her baby — at the same moment her sister had beckoned Belle from Beauty and the Beast to their table, and pulled out a camera.

"They said, 'Smile'," Villaluna said, "I didn't want [my baby] to miss out on the opportunity."


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Before she knew it, her sister had snapped a photo of her nursing her baby next to a Disney princess.

She shrugged it off, and had continued to breastfeed when Princess Tiana from The Princess and the Frog strolled over. Again, her sister snapped a picture.


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"It looks like a big thing to do, but really it was normal. I don't know if they noticed or they didn't notice," Villaluna told "The only person that recognized was Princess Cinderella. She just came back later."

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