Choir Director Dies Just Minutes after Students Serenade Her at Home

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Students at Alvin Junior High School in Texas serenaded their long-time choir director just minutes before she passed away.

Mariana Walker had left the school and entered hospice as her battle with cancer progressed. The students decided it would be a good idea to visit her and let her know how much she meant to them.

More than a dozen of them traveled to her house to sing to her in a heartwarming gesture captured on video.

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They sang Hillsong’s “Oceans” in Walker’s front yard on Wednesday.

"(Her family) opened the doors so she could hear them sing," Cindi Lee Cooper – Fields told ABC13, who recorded the special moment. "It was one of the most beautiful gestures I have ever seen. Friends from all ages got together and sang like angels in hopes of her feeling our love and respect."

Students can be seen crying during the sentimental moment. 

Lisa Turner Howell, who works at the school, said that hearing the children’s sweet voices practicing the night before in preparation for the moment brought her to tears. 

Turner Howell’s son had Walker as a teacher for three years in junior high school, she said.

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The students said a prayer at the end of their song and Walker died just minutes later.

“The experience was very moving. It's like she was waiting for her kids,” Turner Howell told

The students will also sing at Walker's funeral on Monday. 

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