Is This The Fittest Couple Ever? Acrobatic Duo Works Out Together to Keep in Top Shape

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They call themselves the world’s fittest couple and they most certainly are in shape.

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Austin Raye, a former cheerleader, and Julian Daigre, a skilled acrobat, take their fitness regime to spectacular heights.

They don’t use a gym, rather they use rooftops, railings, and whatever else they can find when they’re out and about in New Orleans. Their fitness videos have racked up millions of views. 

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They do daring flips, handstands, lifts… you name it.

“I can’t worry about falling. I don’t have the time to worry about falling. I always trust him,” said Daigre.

And when they’re out exercising, they often draw cheering crowds. But, people do think they’re a little nuts for their extreme acrobatics, they said.

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