Hotel Manager Springs to the Rescue After Dog's Leash Get Caught in Ascending Elevator

Had it not been for the quick thinking of one hotel manager, this poor pup could have been seriously injured — or worse — when he was caught in a rising elevator.

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The trouble began when a guest at The Roadway Inn in Greenville, South Carolina, walked into an elevator with his luggage and dog's leash in hand.

Moments later, the doors closed and the elevator started moving — but his dog, Boo Boo, who was wearing the leash, was still outside. 

Fearing Boo Boo would be hanged as the elevator ascended, the hotel manager, who walked into the scene not a moment too soon, sprang into action.

"I've never encountered anything like that before," Manager Ben Duke told "I definitely didn't want to see anything bad happen to the dog. I love dogs."

Duke could be seen in the hotel's surveillance footage immediately pulling at the pup's leash, and picking up the dog. When he realized he wouldn't be able to unhook the leash in time, he resorted to snapping the leash.

Seconds later, Boo Boo hopped out of his arms, and ran down the hallway. Another dog that was nearby can be seen taking off after him.

While Boo Boo was able to get away with a minor sore throat from the tension of the leash, the dog scratched Duke in the face during the incident, "but that's okay," he joked.

When the dog's owner came back down the elevator, "he was crying tears of joy and relief. He thought his dog had died," Duke said.

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To show his gratitude, Duke said the guest, who has been a regular at the hotel, gifted him with a backscratcher the following day.

While Duke, who has been the manager of the hotel for five years, is being hailed a hero, he told "I was just scared for the dog's safety. I just did what I hoped anybody would have done in that situation."

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