Raccoon Steals College Student's Phone and Runs Off With It After He Tried to Film Critter

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This Kentucky teen thought he was sneaking up on a raccoon, but he was the one being bamboozled.

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College student Guy Williams, 19, said he's noticed the same raccoon around Kentucky's Bellarmine University campus for about a year now.

Earlier this week, he decided to feed it acorns and film the little guy's adorable reaction.

"It didn't seem to be afraid of humans," Williams told InsideEdition.com. "I was hoping to capture an up-close video of the raccoon."

What he didn't know was that Stanley — the name he gave the raccoon — had a plan of its own.

Out of nowhere, the wild raccoon grabs the phone by its teeth and takes off running.

Williams' frantic cries for Stanley can be heard in the background as the phone keeps filming.

"I was legitimately freaking out," Williams said. "I thought I lost my phone forever ... to a raccoon."

He said he ran after the raccoon through a wooded area for about five minutes before it dropped the phone, and left the scene.

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Williams and his friends later found the phone, which was scratched but otherwise in good condition, by calling it.

Although the teen said he now feels aptly warned to stay away from the pesky creature, the Twitterverse responded: "It's wearing a little bandit's mask. What did you think would happen?"

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