Ear-ly Beloved: Beyonce Fans Cutting Themselves After She Suffers Horrific Injury Onstage

Some of Beyonce’s fans have been reportedly cutting themselves to show support for the "Single Ladies" singer after she injured herself while performing at a charity concert Saturday.

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The hashtag, #CutForBeyonce, began trending after the singer was in the middle of a performance at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center when her earring got caught in her long ponytail and ripped right out of her ear.

The singer kept on performing and did not miss a beat. 

Some fans began taking to Twitter to show what they say were cutting marks.

There was concern for the actions of the fans with others urging them to stop hurting themselves.

Anyone tempted to self-harm is encouraged to contact the Samaritans or The Trevor Project.

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There has been no comment from the “Halo” singer about the #CutForBeyonce trend.

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