Meet the Quadruple Amputee Beauty Blogger Who Gives Jaw-Dropping Makeup Tutorials

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Just in time for Halloween, this quadruple amputee beauty blogger shows off her wild side with a cheetah make-up tutorial to match her cheetah-print prosthetic arm.

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Kaitlyn Dobrow, of California, told she had all four limbs amputated after complications from bacterial meningitis when she was 19 years old.

Since the infection, she has undergone 22 surgeries, but perhaps more painful was re-learning how to do all the things she had taken for granted.

"It affected my life in the way that everyday activities are a lot harder," she told "Everything is different, so everything is a challenge."

To get her through, Dobrow recalls turning to makeup for solace.

"My interest in makeup just skyrocketed," she said. "I started watching makeup tutorials, and I thought it would be fun to do, so I just did it."

Months ago, she uploaded her first tutorial to her YouTube page. It garnered nearly 40,000 views.

She might drop a brush mid-stroke, or open containers with her teeth, but she doesn't bother hiding the hiccups along the way.


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"Sometimes I laugh, sometimes I get annoyed or angry," she said. "It's actually a legit work out to put makeup on sometimes, but it's not anything that bothers me enough to call it a challenge."

And, with 70,000 Instagram followers and counting, it's clear that her audience is inspired by her resilience.

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