Mother Humpback Whale Helps Rescuers Free Her Calf After Its Tail Got Stuck in Net

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A mother humpback whale refused to leave her baby's side after the calf somehow became entangled in a shark net.

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The pair were spotted off the Gold Coast in Australia by the Sea World Rescue Team and the Queensland Boating and Fisheries Patrol over the weekend.

But the 13-feet-long calf somehow got its tail caught in a shark's net, and could not escape.

Rescuers can be seen in footage posted to Sea World Australia's Facebook page using long poles to undo the netting around the calf.

The mother humpback helped rescuers by pushing her calf to the surface of the water for air during the rescue.

"Both the whales were very calm," Queensland Boating and Fisheries Patrol spokesperson Mark Saul said, according to ABC.

After 30 minutes of cutting away and untangling the netting, rescuers could be heard announcing, "baby's free, baby's free."

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The pair swam away moments later, in good health, Saul said.

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