Couple Recreates Their Wedding Portraits in Local Target: 'We're Not Like Normal Newlyweds'

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These West Virginia newlyweds clearly were not going for a conventional anniversary when they decided to take portraits at their local Target

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Lauren Rexroad, a 22-year-old student in Morgantown, wanted to celebrate her first anniversary with husband Corey Rexroad, 22, by recreating their wedding photos

But instead of revisiting their church or the Rockefeller Center ice rink in New York City (where the two were engaged), Lauren chose the next best alternative — the local Target. 

"Corey and I, we like to go out of the norm," Lauren told "We're not like normal newlyweds."

Lauren, who loves Target, said the idea came to her as a result of their first year together.

"Being a newlywed, you have to remodel your house, you have to make it you," she said. "I just loved Target's style, so I just found myself there all the time."

When she suggested it to photographer Callie Lindsey, they immediately got to work planning. 

Clad in their wedding gown and tuxedo, the Rexroads started in the Target parking lot, where a small crowd immediately gathered to watch.

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Eventually, they moved into the store, and up and down the aisle. She said an employee ended up escorting them through the store, to make sure shopping customers wouldn't end up in their shots.

They even hit the food court after to share a slushy and a popcorn.

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