Miss San Antonio Being Stripped of Crown Because She Gained Weight?

Miss San Antonio, 17-year-old Dominique Ramirez, says she's being stripped of her crown because she's "too fat."

Ramirez is 5'8", weighs 129 pounds, and is a size 2. But she says pageant officials told her to lose 13 pounds to get ready to compete to be Miss Texas and ultimately Miss America. When she refused, she says pageant officials told her she was out.

"They told me 13 pounds and I was just kind of like, uh I'm not sure if I can do that, I mean 13 pounds would make me kind of frail."

Making matters worse, Linda Woods, the President of the pageant's Board of Directors, went on a local radio station and said she had advised Ramirez to lay off eating tacos!

The board president told KSTA in San Antonio, "I said, you know, 'Get off of the tacos, get off of the chips and the sodas and things like that.' Because she's 17, that's what these kids eat...And then, you know, she just continued to gain weight."

"Why do you have to bring my weight into the issue? I felt kind of attacked when she said that," Ramirez tells INSIDE EDITION.

Pageant officials say this isn't about Ramirez's weight, they say she wasn't following their rules, and was showing up late to events, but Ramirez is suing to keep her crown.