World's First Goose to Receive 3D-Printed Beak Hatches 2 Goslings After Finding True Love

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This mother goose rescued from the brink of death only months ago, but her life has been transformed for the better with the help of 3D printing technology.

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Vitoria the goose was discovered by Brazilian biologist Cristian Negrao earlier this year with her beak severely damaged. Rescue team Animal Avengers suspected she was either attacked by dogs, or severely beaten.

She couldn't eat, and was losing weight rapidly. Researchers even considered putting her down, since the broken beak was causing her pain.

Instead, 3D designer Cicero Moraes designed a prosthetic that would make Vitoria the world's first goose to be fitted with a 3D-printed beak.

After Vitoria's successful surgery, sponsored by Unimonte University, she was sent to live with Negrao's non-profit rescue, Amigos do Mar, or Friends of Sea.

That's where Vitoria met Vitorio, a male goose living at the rescue, and the two gradually became love birds.

Although Moraes told he anticipated she would never lay eggs, he said, "[Negrao] relied on his intuition and took good care of Vitoria."

Sure enough, Vitoria became a mother of two goslings after her chicks hatched earlier this week. She welcomed her flock into the world by bathing, waterproofing and feeding her babies using her prosthetic beak.

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"[Vitoria] almost died, but now, not only [did she] survive, [she] had sons," Moraes said. 

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