For Every Car in Deer Collision, Auto Body Repair Shop Will Donate to Charity

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"Hit a buck, we will donate some doe!"

That's what one Ohio auto body repair shop is touting for their campaign to donate to charity for every car they fix as a result of hitting a deer.

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"If you live in a rural area like we're in, you're most likely to hit a deer," said Jeff Feasel of Feasel's Frame & Collision, Inc. "So why not do something good for something that's bound to happen, that's usually not a good thing?"

Because November tends to be the busiest month in collisions involving deer, the auto body repair shop is donating $25 for every car they service that has been hit by a deer for the rest of the month.

"That is statistically the busiest month when it comes to deer hits," Feasel explained. "Once the crops come off the fields, the deer lose their hiding places. They just start running across the roads and they get in the way of cars."

Last year, they serviced 25 cars and were able to send $625 to Heartbeat/Hope Medical. This year, Feasel said they hope to send an even larger to donation to the Calvert Catholic Schools Tuition Assistance Fund.

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He has even ordered 50 t-shirts with the words, "Certified Road Hunter," to be given away to drivers that come in with repairs.

"We don't want to make light of a situation not good for anybody," he told, "but if they leave with a smile on their face then our mission is accomplished."

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