Teenage Victim Speaks Out About Brutal Assault

The victim in a beating that has outraged the nation is finally speaking out. 15-year-old Aisha has bravely come forward to talk about her brutal assault caught on tape as security guards stood by and watched. 


“I'm still emotional about it. I feel betrayed that I wasn't helped by police officers or the security guards,” Aisha said.


Aisha, who asked that her last name not be used, spoke out on Good Morning America and also held a tear-filled press conference with her lawyer and family by her side. 


“I’m angry at what they did to me and the police could have prevented it and the security guards could’ve prevented it. It could have been a situation that didn’t have to happen,” Aisha said.


This surveillance video of the incident has shocked people across the United States.  Aisha was repeatedly hit and kicked in the head, knocked unconscious and robbed, all in plain sight of security guards who didn't intervene. 


“As soon as I got to the tunnel I warned the guards about the situation. Nobody replied to me, nobody looked me in the eye,” Aisha said.


“After the situation they told me that I had to clear the area because there were other riders that need to get on the buses,” she said.


Four people have now been arrested for allegedly beating and robbing Aisha.


She and her mother Letta still have trouble even watching video of the horrific assault. 


“I didn’t know how horrifying it looked and it had me sick to my stomach when I looked at it and to see that that was me on the ground, that that was happening to me,” Aisha said after she watched the surveillance video.


“I don't now if I was more horrified about the kicking or about the guards standing there,” said Aisha’s mother.

The security guards, who were unarmed, are ordered not to intervene in violent altercations but to call police instead, which they did. However, that non-intervention policy is now under review.