Homeowner Pens Note for Thieves on Her Block: 'Come in My Yard Again and Collect Your Surprise'

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After a string of homes in California were broken into, one homeowner has decided to take matters into her own hands with a threatening sign that may leave thieves thinking twice.

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"If you're in my yard, you're going to pay the price," said Barbara Neff, from Apple Valley, California.

Neff is one of the many homeowners on her block who are furious with thieves breaking into her property and stealing from her family.

In response, she put up a strongly worded sign that is sure to get the message out.

The sign reads: "Thieving bastards. Come in my yard again and collect your surprise! You low life scum bags!"

She said she was inspired to put up the sign after her gate lock was cut, and the motor was stolen out of her son's motorcycle.

"Anybody that knows me, knows I have a surprise for them," Neff said.

Neff is not alone in her strong sentiments against thieves who have hit four other homes in her neighborhood, KCAL reported.

"It's getting so bad around here, you just got to protect yourself," said a neighbor, who didn't wish to be identified.

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He said thieves entered his backyard by cutting his fence, and stole his children's swing set, a large wooden bear sculpture, and various other things.

He has since put up cameras around his property.

The homeowners have also appealed to the police, asking for more officers to patrol the neighborhood.

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