How Veterans Are Protecting War Memorial After It Was Vandalized More Than 30 Times

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Who would destroy a veterans memorial?

Thanks to a new set of eyes constantly surveilling the area, these Tennessee veterans are about to find out.

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Every day, Cliff Cole, a veteran and member of the American Legion, patrols the Harriman's War Memorial Plaza in Nashville, a space that honors the 3,400 Tennessee soldiers who gave their lives in World War I.

"We put a lot of time and money and heart into this thing," Cole said in an interview with WVLT, "and you don't want to see it destroyed."

But when Cole goes home for the night, vandals strike.

According to Cole, vandals have left monuments broken, knocked over, and destroyed more than 30 times.

"Being a veteran and serving in the military, it really upsets you to see something like that happen," Cole said. "It's beyond comprehension that someone thinks this is fun, but apparently some people do it because they're constantly trying to do it."

In an attempt to deter further damage to their structures, the organization has raised money to install HD cameras equipped with night vision around the premises.

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"Smile now, because you're on camera," said David Webb, a veteran of the Vietnam War. "We have eyes here now."

According to WVLT, the camera cost approximately $1,500 — money the organization is willing to pay to keep the memory of their veterans alive.

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