He's One of a Swine! Extremely Rare Newborn Piglet Caught on Camera

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Very few people have witnessed the birth of a babirusa piglet, the most endangered species of swine, until a British zoo was able to capture the miracle on camera.

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Babirusa sow Kendari, who lives at the Chester Zoo in England, could be spotted giving birth to a tiny male piglet, later named Bukaan, on camera.

"Very few people in the world, if any, will have ever witnessed a babirusa give birth," said Dr. Mark Pilgrim, the director of Chester Zoo.

Bukaan could be seen on the zoo's footage nursing, and being helped to his feet by his mom following the early July birth.

Although the tiny piglet appears to have delicate features, Bukaan will grow to have "twisted tusks, a large wet snout, warts, and will be almost completely hairless," according to a zoo official.

The genus of babirusa, which means "pig-deer" due to their long limbs and stocky appearance, are indigenous to Indonesia, and officials estimate there are less than 5,000 remaining because they are targeted by hunters.

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The birth of Bukaan comes as a part of the zoo's breeding program, but officials said attempts to breed the rare pigs are rarely successful.

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