8-Month-Old Had Penny Stuck in Throat for 37 Days, Mom Says

Playing Toddler Sickened By Penny Stuck in His Throat for 37 Days is Recovering

One mother said her baby son had a penny stuck in his throat for 37 days before doctors figured out what was wrong.

Samantha Knox, of Long Beach, told CBS Los Angeles that her 8-month-old son, E.J., became “listless and withdrawn” in June.

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Knox told the station that he developed a high fever and rash on his stomach but after taking him to a multiple pediatricians and visiting urgent care on several occasions, she said she was told that he had a viral infection.

“It was heart-wrenching to watch my son completely suffer,” Knox told the station.

After a little more than a month, doctors finally found the actual problem. E.J. had a penny lodged in his throat.

“When they gave me the news, I immediately started crying,” Knox said. 

Knox, however, said the revelation should have come much sooner as previous doctors had taken X-rays.

“This very small object could’ve potentially been the worst outcome for my son,” Knox said. 

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E.J. had to go through a surgery to get the coin removed.

Knox has started a petition to throw out any medical bills that the family accrued during their plethora of doctors’ visits.

So far the petition has more than 86,000 signatures.

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